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20 Coolest Parks in the United States - Part One

There are so many great parks in the United States. Many are popular because of their unique natural beauty. Others are known for their abundant wildlife or amenities. Others offer the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities—from photography to enjoying a day out on the water to camping and fishing. However, among these great [...]

Thinking about a Park Wedding? Most beautiful parks to have a park wedding or wedding picnic

If you enjoy stunning backdrops of mountains, rivers, flowers, and trees – a park just might be the perfect place for your wedding, especially in the summertime. Fortunately, we have an abundance of beautiful parks to choose from here in the United States to host your dream wedding. Along with providing a peaceful place for [...]

Growing a Better World: Community Gardens

Community gardens are spaces in urban or suburban areas where people garden together. Some of these spaces are owned by an individual or an organization, and some are started as a group effort by residents of the community. People may each have a plot within a garden for which they care for, or they may [...]

Exercise and the Elderly : The Myths & The Facts

Exercise and Us!  Not only does exercise help us maintain our physical health, it also improves the mental state - making it a necessary activity for maintaining a good overall health regimen. This is true for all of us, but it is especially important to folks in their older years. There is a common misconception that [...]

July is National Parks and Recreation Month

What is National Park and Recreation Month? National Parks and Recreation Month, is the time of year dedicated to the wonderful local and state parks that were created for our enjoyment and wellbeing. It was established in 1985, by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) to promote awareness about the importance of our National [...]

5 Reasons Kids Should Spend More Time Outdoors This Summer

Many of us remember summers spent outdoors catching butterflies, playing tag, and making mud pies. However, with the expansion of technology, children are spending less and less time outside. Extensive bodies of research suggest that there are significant physical and mental benefits to outdoor play, and there is even research that shows that playing outside [...]

Azriel’s Wish: Park Warehouse donates a custom bench for one of kind football field.

Azriel Wasser, a 15-year old battling brain cancer, got the wish of a lifetime with the help from Make-A-Wish of Southern Florida and many community partners. The Make-A-Wish of Southern Florida wanted to build the best backyard football field for Azriel's wish. This extensive project was underway when they contacted Park Warehouse's COO, Matt Jones, [...]

How the National Parks Got Their Names – Part 1

America's national parks are among the nation's greatest attractions. They pull in millions of visitors from within the US and from countries all over the world, and serve as a symbol of America's love of the environment. When one thinks about some of the national parks, however, the thought "where did these names come from?" [...]

Top 5 Bicycle Friendly Cities in the US

In the US, there are over 66 million bicyclists and countless events being held all year round, like the Fremont Solstice Cyclists ride in Seattle that attracts hundreds of people. But what if you're looking for a scenic bike route during the weekend, or you're just looking to explore the a scenic route during lunch? [...]