Due to limited raw material supply and a very high demand, Lead times are only estimates and may fluctuate.

A little about our product and how it’s made…

Park Warehouse uses Recycled Plastic made from the highest quality recycled material on the market. Our proprietary tri-blend Recycled Plastic Resinwood contains no fillers like saw-dust, which are used to cut our costs. Our material is solid all the way through and contains no holes or voids through the center like many of the cheap imitations on the market.

Our product outlasts the competition by far due to the careful attention paid to the cleaning of the material. These are the only company who takes the product through a 3-part cleaning process to maximize the integrity and durability of the product. Additionally, our UV Stabilization Phase protects the color and structure of our product ensuring the plastic lumber will be maintenance free for years to come.

Some other interesting information…


          21 Milk Jugs          =          One pound of recycled plastic

3400 Milk Jugs      =          One six foot park bench

6300 Milk Jugs      =          One six foot picnic table

One Conscientious Person = A step toward ZERO footprint

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