How to Make your Park Exercise Friendly for All Ages

Providing an appealing place to exercise does more than a body good...It benefits the entire community.

 Studies show that exercise-friendly public parks build stronger communities by offering residents a place to come together for a healthy activity. In addition to communal benefits, establishing a fitness-friendly park also has economic pros. Well designed parks enhance a community’s marketability, boost local revenue and bring in new residents. In the hustle and bustle of the world today, accessible public spaces created to encourage community wide physical and mental health, can be considered an extremely valuable asset.

If you wanted to design a park that is ideal for fitness fans of all ages and abilities, what features should you include?

Parks and playgrounds go together like peanut butter and jelly, it’s just a natural combination. Installing the right mix of commercial playground equipment offers children the chance to exercise their bodies and their minds as they run, jump, climb, swing and socialize with their peers. A play area doesn’t just bring children to the park; it brings out entire families, offering a chance for neighbors of all ages to interact, build communal bonds, and get some exercise. 

Children aren’t the only ones who often prefer to exercise outside. When asked, many millennials and seniors report that they also like to get their workout in while spending time outdoors. Outdoor Fitness Equipment is an attractive feature for any fitness-friendly park. To get the best bang for your buck, choose options that offer variety in the types of exercises that can be performed, and the range of folks that can put the equipment to use. For example, a blend of regular and senior-accessible outdoor fitness equipment will appeal to a wider range of users. We can help you pick out the perfect combination equipment for your community to ensure maximum usability, aesthetic charm, and superior durability.

A network of trails for walking, hiking, and, biking, invite visitors to explore new areas of the park while offering the opportunities to safely exercise and enjoy nature. For an added bonus, consider adding informative signage that educates visitors about the plants, animals and other points of interest that they may encounter. Another must have item when you’re considering “trails” is bike racks. Having a safe, dedicated place to secure their bikes makes it easier for cyclists to enjoy other features of the park.

Drinking water is vital whenever you work up a sweat. Staying hydrated while exercising reduces soreness, helps regulate body temperature and lubricates your joints. Incorporating water fountains into your park’s design will allows people to refresh themselves, support their efforts to be healthy and encourages your visitors to enjoy the park longer. Consider adding a water bottle filling station, this kind of water fountain has increased in popularity due to the convenience and positive impact on the environment. Another great water fountain option if your park allows dogs, is the fido friendly water fountains(pictured) that will allow dogs AND their humans to have a drink.

No one wants to relax, play or exercise in a dirty environment, and the best way to ensure that your park remains clean and orderly is providing several trash receptacles in convenient, visible locations. Having enough trash receptacles in your park, reminds guests to pick up after themselves, and remain aware of their cleanliness. If you are interested in promoting environmental awareness in the community, one easy, effective way to do so, is by placing recycling receptacles for glass and plastics.

After some outdoor action in the sun, most people want to take a break and relax. Creating a resting area, is a great idea when you’re focus is on encouraging people to exercise. Rest areas are inviting spaces that park goers can use to have a snack and socialize after their workout is completed. Areas like this also provide gathering spots for parents whose children are on the playground and exercisers who finish before their workout buddies do. To create an awesome place to chill out and cool down, simply install a shade structure, and some picnic tables, and/or benches.

Whether you’re searching for family-friendly playground systems, appealing outdoor fitness equipment, sturdy bike racks, outdoor water fountains, trusty trash receptacles, inviting benches, durable picnic tables or stylish shade structures, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Park Warehouse, a trusted supplier of commercial outdoor furnishings. We’re ready to help you choose the perfect products for your park. To discover the Park Warehouse advantage, reach out to us today!

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