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At Park Warehouse, we have commercial bike racks in many styles in stock. We offer quick shipping options, so if you need your bicycle parking rack in a hurry, we can help get your order in time for your site. We have a selection of classic grid bike storage racks as seen in many schools and the U-shaped bike parking racks for sale popular on most college and university campuses. We also carry the wave style outdoor bike racks often seen on commercial campuses and parks. No matter what type of location you’re looking to outfit with site furnishings, we have a varied selection of bike racks that will suit your needs and budget. Ask our sales team to make a recommendation – we’re happy to help you find the best bike rack for your particular space!

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Commercial bike racks offer reliable bicycle security

Park Warehouse offers a wide-ranging selection of secure commercial bike storage racks available with durable finishes to withstand the elements without a lot of maintenance. Many bike riders use secure outdoor bike storage and commercial bike racks to lock up their bicycles without worry. However, bikes and the bike racks themselves can be stolen much more easily if outdoor bicycle parking racks are not mounted properly.

We have several mounting options available to meet your needs, from portable mounts that are required if you would like for your bike rack to be able to change locations easily, semi-permanent surface mounts that require asphalt or concrete for bolting the base to the mounting surface, or in-ground options that bury part of the bike rack in the ground and anchor by pouring a concrete surface beneath the bike rack structure. Surface and in-ground mounting options work best mounted on concrete for simplicity of installation. You’ll want to consider the climate and temperature of your preferred location before deciding which type of bike rack to install and which materials would be best to use to install it. Ensuring that your outdoor bike rack is mounted properly is essential to avoiding the perils of theft and weather damage. Improperly mounted bike racks can be easy targets for thieves looking to sell the metal for scrap.

If you are looking to mount your bike rack on top of a layer of grass, dirt, mulch, or other such organic matter, you will want to look into buying a bike rack which allows for freestanding portability or you might decide it’s better to pour concrete to keep the outside bike rack more secure.

Make sure to leave an area of at least one foot by six to park each bike in the bike rack leaving enough space to make it easy for people to store and remove their bikes. One converted parking space in a lot can accommodate up to twelve bicycles making great strides toward the reduction of pollution and congestion, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles and subsequently driving down costs for health care.

If you require fast access to bicycle storage solutions for your site, please call us to chat with our team about your needs. Our wide selection of bike parking racks is ready for fast shipping to accommodate your commercial space, apartment building, business park, university campus, or outdoor park.