Park Warehouse sells aluminum bleachers, outdoor bleachers, stadium bleachers, gym bleachers, and sports bleachers for sale that are compliant with the American Made IBC 2012 code. Please contact us prior to placing your order. Purchasing bleachers is a substantial investment. Our experts are here to make sure that our customers receive the proper quality and safety information prior to purchase. With a library of compiled resources at our disposal to answer your questions about your purchase, we are here to help you sort through the process. We are happy to consult with you to make the appropriate decisions for your particular project(s).

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Frequent questions about bleachers

What size bleachers do I need for my site?
How many people will be seated? One seat equals eighteen inches of bleacher space or bench space. You can calculate how much bleacher space you will need to accommodate your spectators by applying a simple formula. For instance, if you know that you will have thirty spectators sitting on your aluminum bleachers, you know you need a total of 540 inches of seating to accommodate your people comfortably. This means you would need 45 feet of total aluminum bleacher length. In this case, a 15-foot bleacher unit with three rows would be suitable to seat thirty people.
How much do bleachers cost?
To determine the cost for bleachers, including custom ADA bleachers, please contact us so we can go over the relevant considerations for ADA compliance in your area with you. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to develop a package for you that will meet all your specific regulatory needs.
Can I move my transportable bleachers on the highway?
No. transportable bleachers can be transported across short distances but should not be taken on the highway. Portable bleachers can be moved using a transport kit. The portable bleacher transport kit hitches to a tractor or a riding mower using a standard hitch. But you should not take this rig on the highway. If you are looking to buy portable bleachers, our staff can help you answer any questions you might have about getting your bleachers around once they are in your possession.
How long will my indoor bleachers or outdoor bleachers take to ship?
If you are placing an order for bleacher systems with three or four rows, these will ship in roughly 48 hours, often less. For five row bleacher units and larger, shipping can take around two weeks or less. For ten and fifteen row bleacher systems, delivery may take up to three to four weeks. If you are attempting to meet a specific deadline and require your product to be delivered within a shorter span of time, please contact us directly and let us know. We’re happy to find ways to accommodate your needs with special shipping packages designed to keep your project running on time.
How are the bleachers packaged to ship?
We ship our indoor bleachers and outdoor bleachers through an LTL carrier. The bleachers will arrive unassembled in standard sized packaging grouped in bundles for manageability, with bundles of five seat boards or five footboards in each and understructure framing bundled in packs of three each. Hardware will arrive boxed. The bleachers will not be palletized. If you have any questions regarding installation of your bleachers, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Do you sell bleachers that meet ADA regulations requirements for accessibility standards?
Each location has its own ADA regulations. Because of this, when you purchase bleacher equipment that is compliant with the accessibility standards in your area we treat the order as custom and work with you to meet the standards of the regulations in your specific area. Standard equipment is not considered accessible by ADA standards. We can work with you to determine the ADA requirements for your state or county and make sure that all your ADA orders are built to comply.
Bleachers are required to meet IBC Compliance standards. IBC Compliance is in place to protect facilities from liability as well as to protect viewers in attendance at your events. We make confusing compliance regulations easy to navigate – if you have questions about the regulations for aluminum bleachers, outdoor bleachers, stadium bleachers, gym bleachers, and sports bleachers in your area, please feel free to give us a call so that we can walk you through making the best possible purchase for your site.