Top 4 Amenities to Attract New Residents to Your Rental Community

The competition to attract quality residents get tougher daily. Property managers go to great lengths to attract residents who will respect the apartment complex and other residents. Your community can win by ensuring that you offer some simple amenities, and in doing so, creating the inviting, pleasant of environment that renters are looking for. There are several factors that come into play, as prospective residents choose the right place to call home; and some of those factors can be a deal breaker. These 4 amenities will be the deal maker for people to choose your location, over any other community.

Dog Parks / Waste Stations:

Dog Park Kits, Waste Stations, Benches, Picnic Tables, Trash Receptacles

The number of households that own at least one pet has increased 35% in the last 10 years, according to the US Pet Ownership & Demographics Soundbook. That means, over 74 million people in America are pet owners. Many of those pet owners, also happen to be renters. It goes without saying that people view pets as family members and would ideally like to live in a place with pet friendly amenities. After all, is it really home if you don’t feel like your dog is welcome. Communities that provide amenities for every family member, including the furry ones with four paws, more easily draw in residents.  

Benefits of Creating a Dog Park for Residents: Without dog friendly areas/dog parks it is easy for dogs to become restless spending all their time in doors. The furrier residents of the community will be thanking their owners, with the good behavior that results from dogs getting enough time outside to release pent up energy. Another function that dog parks play in communities, is healthy interaction with neighbors. While their dogs frolic around and play at the park together, residents in your community will have a chance to meet and socialize. Having a sense of community within your neighborhood will make it safer, and generally more pleasant.

Dog Park Essentials: Pre-fabricated dog park kits make the task of creating a brand-new dog park an easy construction project. You will certainly need a few waste stations and a plethora of trash receptacles, too. Communities that started offering complimentary, outdoor pet waste bag dispensers have figured out that the best way to prevent owners from leaving a mess, is giving them exactly what they need to clean it up. What a surprise. Think about including some benches or picnic tables nearby or within the dog park so that neighbors might sit and chat while they watch after their dogs.

Go Above and Beyond: Some Communities, particularly in urban areas, have gone above and beyond to offer valuable services to the pet parents in their communities. One popular new trend in rental communities is offering grooming services, or dog washing stations. This a valuable resource for you and your tenant, because it makes it easy for them to wash their dog which benefits you by keeping their apartment cleaner. Many apartment complexes in urban areas like New York have even enlisted community pet walking services, grooming and even day care. That basically shows us that the trend in people owning dogs is just beginning, and the rental communities who are ready for it are a head of the curb. People love dogs. Dogs love people. People live in multifamily communities, so do dogs. So, let’s give the people and the dogs what they want!

Multifunctional Outdoor Spaces:

Grills, Picnic Tables, Benches, Shade Structures, Trash Receptacles 

When you create an outdoor space for your community to use, you are are doing more than just installing picnic tables, you’re providing a welcoming space for your residents and their guests to come together and spend some time outside. Renters will be much more likely to sign on to a new lease, or renew an old one, if they are happy the quality of both outdoor and indoor amenities. Communal areas are valuable outdoor amenities because residents across the board, want to have a place to barbeque, or even just go outside and chill. BBQ by day, smores at night – This is one amenity that you can be sure will be put to good use. 

Benefits of Creating a Communal Outdoor Area for Residents: Having less space is one obstacle that often times comes with living in a multifamily housing community; outdoor areas combat that obstacle, by acting as an extension of the tenants living space. When you don’t have a big backyard to host barbeques, outdoor communal hangout spots are vital. Afterall, everyone wants to have a place they can go outside and chill, besides the parking lot. Members of your community will enjoy your outdoor space on holidays and days off with friends and neighbors. Outdoor hangout areas are one of the most popular amenities people look for, when they’re lookin’.

Outdoor Area Essentials: The ideal outdoor entertainment area should be functional for several “functions” such as, weekend barbecues, birthday parties, summer picnics, moonlit dinners, and more.The first things you will need to jump start your outdoor oasis are, picnic tables, trash receptacles and a community grill. Living in close quarters with minimal patio space, many people will have to do without weekend barbecues until they move into a community that does offer them. So for a lot of prospective residents, adding grills could be a deal maker. After all, everyone loves some barbecue on a sunny Sunday afternoon. If you’re community, like many others, doesn’t have many naturally shaded areas, you will also need to install some shade structures for the hot summer days.

Go Above and Beyond: One way communities around the nation are getting creative to go above and beyond multifunctional outdoor space, is hosting social events for residents. Property manager Carolina Cochran started hosting community wide events in 2017 and said, she “was ‘shocked’ to see so many members of the community of all ages enjoying the social events she planned”. If you’re thinking of doing a community event, consider some of these tried and true events practiced by other property managers; invite a food truck to come one Saturday of the month, host an ice cream social, start a community poker club, do wine tastings, have a community meet and greets, or even plan a community barbecue once your outdoor grills are installed. You do not have to have a community center to have community events. You can hold a wide variety of events in outdoor areas that are set up properly. Hosting tenant appreciation events create a greater sense of community.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment:

Standard and Senior Accessible Options 

Fit life is one of the most popular, growing movements since dog ownership. According to the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association), the health and fitness industry in the U.S. has been growing by at least 5% annually for the last ten years and shows no signs of slowing down. So it’s no surprise that exercise equipment is one of the most popular amenities of all. There so common among multifamily communities that for most prospective tenants, not having one, is an immediate deal breaker. Property managers are constantly trying to come up with ‘out of the box’ ideas to perfect their fitness amenities, and make their community stand out above the rest – and we have a solution for them, three words: Outdoor Fitness Center.

Benefits of Creating a Outdoor Fitness Center: If you looking for amenities to stay in the game, attract new tenants, and keep the existing tenants happy – outdoor fitness equipment is the perfect choice for your community. Fitness options are a major key for people living in multifamily communities because, it makes finding time to work out easy and convenient. With more people regularly exercising than ever before, it will be an amenity used frequently at all times of the day. Offer 24 hour fitness with fixed outdoor exercise equipment, and eliminate the management hassles of keeping up with an indoor facility at all hours of the night. Statistics have shown that community fitness equipment is one amenity people don’t mind paying a little extra for, as it spares them the expense of a pricey gym membership. Furthermore, about 20% of American adults have a fitness membership, and that’s predicted to double in the next 15 years.  Creating an OUTDOOR fitness center will set your community a part from all the other properties that have only have a congested indoor gym. There are several research studies that suggest added health benefits when exercising outdoors, that just can’t be replicated in an indoor gym. These benefits include reduced levels of cortisol(stress hormone) after outside exercise, more stamina to exercise longer, an increase in vitamin D, higher levels of endorphins(happiness chemical) during the work out and improved cardio results when running outside rather than on a treadmill.

Outdoor Area Essentials: Start by installing some of our best selling tried and true fitness equipment like the inclined crunch bench, a lat pull down station and an outdoor rowing machine. Several property management companies who have purchased our equipment have had such a positive response from their community, that they’ve actually came back later on and added more equipment to expand their outdoor fitness zone. So plan for a successful investment that can grow as your community does, and make sure to choose a spacious area if your property allows. If you have more senior residents or if you happen to manage a 55+ community, make sure you check out our senior accessible product line as well. We have specialized equipment that can be used safely by both seniors and younger folks like the hand bike and the assisted leg press. It’s a good idea to include a few water fountains, so your tenants can stay hydrated while they do their outdoor workouts.

Go Above and Beyond: Get creative to encourage newbies, and go above and beyond to make the experience more interactive. Try teaming up with professional trainers who will conduct classes, offer personal training, and teach everyone how to use the facilities properly. Another way you can go above and beyond to encourage residents to take advantage of your amenities is by throwing a community health day that includes light snacks, and water bottles. Doing this, encourages new members of the community to get out there and get healthy. Beat out the competition with a convenient outdoor fitness center, and vanquish them forever by going above and beyond.

Kid Friendly Amenities:

Field and Sports Equipment, Playgrounds, Musical Instruments, Benches 

Some people in this day and age think that renter demographics just include millennials and elderly folks, yet still the numbers tell a different story. Did you know that 43% of families with children live in multi family housing?  If you are the manager of a family orientated community with a lot of kids around, this is the section of the post for you. When parents look for a place for their family live, there is nothing they consider more than their children. Having a child friendly community – means having at least a few, kid friendly amenities. Our commercial grade playground/ sports equipment  is guaranteed to attract families to your community for years to come – kid tested, mom approved.

Benefits of Establishing Kid Friendly Amenities: Having a park equipped with a playground and/or a basketball court or volleyball court is a huge benefit for your resident families. This child friendly amenity makes it possible for busy parents to get their kids playing outside more frequently, whether at a playground or on a basketball court. In addition to the benefit of sheer convenience, the facts have found another beneficial aspect of kid friendly amenities. A study done at Clemson and NC State showed that adding parks with playgrounds and sporting areas came with positive side effect of significantly reducing disorderly behavior, and property crimes. Communities that kept basketball courts open later for older kids, experienced a reduction in crime rates as well. Put the “family” back into multi “family” housing. Every parent wants their kids to live in the best environment possible, and you can create that ideal environment by offering child friendly amenities like playgrounds, and sports/field equipment. Put the “family” back into multi “family” housing. Every parent wants their kids to live in the best environment possible, and you can create that ideal environment by offering child friendly amenities like playgrounds, and sports/field equipment.

Kid Friendly Essentials: We make choosing commercial playground equipment easy, by offering playgrounds kits that have been designed for specific age groups. We also carry individual items you can use to make your kit even better like the whirl and twirls and see saws. If you’re on the fence about what equipment would be best for your community, purchase a few pieces for each age group. But don’t forget the swing sets, because all kids love swings. Include some benches so parents can sit and chat while they’re watching their children play. If you’re planning to establish both a playground and sporting area (basketball, volleyball etc), be sure to think about placement, too. If you’re space allows, consider developing the playground and sports area in close proximity to each other. That way, families with younger children and older children can all enjoy the different amenities together.

Go Above and Beyond: One way you can go above and beyond with your playground to make your family community shine is by including outdoor musical instruments. Outdoor musical instruments appeal to a wide variety of ages and will make your playground stand out for its unique, artsy charm. Common choices include contrabass chimes and pagoda bells.

There’s a rumor going around town that our outdoor furniture lasts forever and judging by what our customers tell us after years of use, I’m starting to believe it myself. Our furnishings are known to stand the test of time. If you get the things you need for your outdoor area from us, you can be absolutely sure that you will only have to purchase these materials once.

If you are considering furnishing your site with new outdoor amenities that will be sure to attract new residents to your community, give us a call today and our experienced team members will be happy to assist you in navigating through our wide selection to find the perfect items for your particular space.

We are confident that we have the best site furnishings in the industry AND we offer a best price guarantee so you can always be sure you’re getting the best prices on all your site furnishing needs. 

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