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Dog park equipment has become increasingly popular with community parks, neighborhoods, and multi-family complexes being more and more dog friendly. Designing pet policies for guests and residents and even designing dog playground spaces where pet owners can spend time with each other and allow their pets to socialize in these dog friendly parks provides an opportunity for property managers to increase rents with the addition of these dog-friendly features. We are here to help you select the best dog playground equipment to fit your specific needs and budget for your dog park space. We offer great prices on everything from agility course kits and pieces to matching dog-themed site amenities!

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$10,856.00 $8,999.00
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Dog park equipment enhances community parks and residential spaces

With so many households owning at least one dog, residential communities look to accommodate pet needs by enhancing residential spaces with pet parks including local dog parks, off leash dog parks, fenced in dog areas, and other types of parks for dogs. With a variety of dog park equipment available through Park Warehouse, we make it easy to redesign any dedicated pet area to your specifications. The heavy-duty, commercial-grade dog park products available through Park Warehouse are anti-corrosive, designed especially to give your furry family friends a great workout that dog owners and pet lovers will appreciate. The dog park accessories made available through Park Warehouse will improve the look and utility of any dog park.

Dog park equipment kits should include everything from community stations and solutions like grooming tables, agility training equipment, and methods for handling pet waste to dog themed amenities like dog park benches, trash cans, leash posts, picnic tables, and signage. Residential communities and park spaces can make off leash areas more useful and appealing by providing guests and residents with access to dog agility equipment and dog park amenities. Making your dog themed park easy to maintain while keeping in mind the desires and interests of the people using the dog park will help you to decide how to design and optimize your dedicated pet area to be an enjoyable space that will stand up to active use and the elements.

Dog Park Equipment:

Dog park equipment from Park Warehouse is available with many more durable options than others. For example, thermoplastic coated metal has the function of greatly improving the durability and long-lastingness of dog park amenities, helping to protect them from the elements in uncovered spaces, as well as providing protection against pet urine. It is best not to utilize wood dog park products in your dedicated pet space due to the potential for splintering, rotting, and organic retention of animal waste.

Dog park equipment needs to be safe for dog play. Dog park products shouldn’t be too high for specific dog breeds to use in order to prevent the possibility of falls and injuries. Surfaces in your dedicated dog park area should be slip-resistant to avoid additional possibility of pet injury. Dog park furnishings and equipment choices should best reflect the different types of dog breeds most prevalent in your area, as well as the general agility of the dogs. Providing guests and residents with options like adjustable dog playground equipment and dog park products that are lower to the ground for small breeds are fantastic solutions for catering to many different types of dogs within the same dedicated pet space.

Dog Park Amenities and Dog Park Equipment Kits:

Enclosed off-leash areas need signage to provide residents and guests with information about dog park hours and rules. With dedicated off leash pet areas doubling as park spaces, guests and residents looking to spend time together with their pets will also need dedicated accommodations. Chasing dogs around a dog park requires a lot of energy, so spaces for resting and relaxing should be readily available for the added utility and enjoyment of dog owners. Park Warehouse provides many options for making dog park spaces comfortable and appealing to dog owners. Park designers should think about whether the dog park will provide adequate seating with access to enough pet waste stations, pick up bags, and pet waste trash receptacles to promote human enjoyment of a pristine park.

Another top priority for designing a space that encourages a great deal of physical activity is to provide adequate sources for drinking water for dogs and pet owners alike that will withstand weather damage and animal usage as well as general wear and tear. Anti-corrosive fountains with a powder coat finish provide a solution that looks great and ages well with minimal maintenance. When designing for water availability, dog park designers will also want to take note of any accessibility concerns, providing safe and secure options to accommodate residents, guests, and service animals with special needs.

With millions of dogs in the United States alone, park and property managers featuring dog park equipment at their sites can provide a wealth of exercise solutions for dogs as a value add for their owners. With only an estimated 1,200 dog parks in the United States catering to millions of dogs and their owners and a year over year dog park growth rate of over 30%, an opportunity exists to provide dog park amenities to fill the rest of an existing void by offering added utility, functionality, and fun for residents, guests, and pets, meeting this ever-growing need of pet owners and their families. With about half of all Americans owning dogs in an estimated 60 million homes, this is a major segment of the population requiring solutions for the needs of their pets. This provides an excellent option for residential multi-family communities looking to increase their draw to attract new tenants.

Park Warehouse is here to help you choose the best dog playground equipment kits and dog agility courses to fit the specific needs and budget for your dog park space building project. We look forward to working with you to create the best dog park for the space you have available.