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State Parks to Visit in the Fall Season

Fall is a truly lovely time of year when the fierce summer heat ebbs and cooler weather gently coats the world with a welcomed chill. As autumn descends, people enjoy the crisp air around them and the blues skies that invites return from the lazy pace of summer. Many people find fall the ideal season for spending time outdoors. The mild weather makes it easy to be outside without getting too cold or too hot. One way to really enjoy this time of year is with a visit to a national park. National parks and state parks come alive in the fall weather. Many such parks are at their best when the humidity of summer is gone and the snows and ice of winter not here yet. These parks offer spectacular scenery, marvelously abundant wildlife and less crowded trails.

Death Valley

The lowest point in North America, Death Valley is best seen after the heat of summer has passed. Explore Titus Canyon, once a thriving town and now a place of colorful rocks and the occasional ghost. The Badwater Basin’s salt flat make the perfect place to begin. Then it's up Telescope Peak Trail to the spikes of the Devil’s Golf Course. Fall is when guided ranger tours begin, making it easy to explore this most fascinating of national parks. Another wonderful thing to do at Death Valley State Park in the Fall is participate in ranger programs and camping which start during this time of year and continue until the Spring.

Everglades National Park

 Summer heat can be intense in this part of Florida, making it inadvisable to spend time outdoors for a long period time. But still the Everglades is something everyone should bear witness to at least once in their lives. In the cooler fall weather, you can go on an air boat tour and get up close and personal with the park's wildlife and unique ecosystem without overheating. Back on land, head across the Pine Island trails for exercise and a chance to see one of America's most important parks.

Shenandoah National Park

 The crowds come to this part of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and with good reason. This is one of the very best places to enjoy fall colors along the east coast. Unlike other parts of the country that may have an early frost, here's where you find mild weather that lingers well into winter. If you're planning a trip, think about coming on a weekday. Weekends can be crowded. A visit on a Tues or Weds means plenty of opportunity to enjoy Range View Overlook. See it from the back of a car. Or, hike it on your own or on horseback. With over a hundred miles of paved road, you'll have lots of choices to make your own personal route.

Grand Teton

 Grand Teton is one of Wyoming’s most well-hidden gems. It is a relatively compact park but full of startling and wonderful sights with every step. Fall means miles of intensely colored trees set against the park's eponymous snow-covered mountains. The contrast between the two offers an authentic western experience that has been largely unchanged for centuries. All you need is a single day that makes it easy to see herds of wild deer and elk along with a visit to Colter Bay Village and Jenny Lake.

Congaree National Park 

South Carolina is one of the nation's most beautiful states. While the beaches are full of terrific breezes that push away the heat, summer can be extremely hot and uncomfortable. It also means unwelcome pests by the millions. Fall is a much better time to see this part of South. Congaree National Park makes it easy to explore the natural wonders of South Carolina without the bugs and humidity. Birds are abundant in this well-maintained park during the fall, making it a birder's paradise worth a stop for who loves these colorful travelers. The rivers that run through the park can be explored by kayak for a memorable water encounter. There's also lots of guided tours given by park employees. An eleven-mile trail brings visitors into some remarkably remote areas that humans rarely see.

Franconia Notch State Park

 England is home to lots of must quintessential fall activities such as leaf peeping and watching the area's mountains in person. One of best state parks to see the beauty of currently of the year is Franconia Notch State Park. This is where the White Mountains come together to meet the Franconia and regional Kinsman mountain ranges. Fall is when the park offers an incredible range of colors and few sights are as delightful. Take the Flume Gorge loop and you'll encounter classic covered bridges and a well-maintained boardwalk that brings you along a creek. The Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway takes you to the top of a more than four thousand foot high peak. On a clear day, views can be seen across Canada and down in New York state.


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